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Strategic Appraisal

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PCACS Leadership Team brought in Next Learning to assist with our strategic planning around how we support the best possible learning with technology. Initially they conducted a strategic appraisal of our ILT focussing on the Mindset, Skillset Toolset required to maximise learning opportunities. Paul Reid conducted the process including input for teachers, students and leadership. Alongside Ross from our IT services provider Anittel, there is no doubt that Paul worked hard to identify and meet our specific needs. The data collected and the recommendations in the excellent appraisal report have proven timely for identifying strengths, areas for improvement and was well aligned with our particular needs. We then engaged Shane McGurk from Next Learning, as part of our contract with Anittel, to provide an in situ action learning programme. The response from teachers was exceptional and provided a glimpse into what well considered pedagogies can do with technology in the hands of learners. As we continue our journey we intend to use the expertise Next Learning bring in this sphere to inform parents, consider infrastructure arrangements and invest in in situ professional learning for staff. Using external consultants in this manner helps the college to remain outward looking and to be nimble in response to the exponentially changing landscape of learning with technology.

Shane Parnell

Head of Pastoral Care/IT integration, Peter Carley Anglican Community School

Strategic Appraisal

Peter Carnley Anglican Community School sought an external, independent audit of its learning technology infrastructure, with impact on learning as the driving focus. We workshopped the mindset the college leadership wanted to develop toward learning with technology, and via interviews and online surveys assessed the skillset and growth potential in the teaching and student cohorts.  We also partnered with Anittel WA to conduct a fine grained assessment of the infrastructure toolset.

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