Next Projects

Mapping, delivering and supporting technology services

We offer technical support to help you develop great ideas

Our team gives you access to a broad range of expertise to help you manage and deliver projects that exceed even your own expectations. We conduct needs assessments, develop and refine technology-related curriculum content, and evaluate impacts on instructional practice and student learning.

Web Design

We deliver websites that scale to every possible screen size, are search engine optimised, and can be easily managed by our clients.

App Development

Our project management team can provide assistance in realising your ideas for the development of a great, user-friendly app.

Social media strategy

We have developed a 5-step process to creating a winning social media strategy for education institutions. We help you identify, plan and execute your social media goals.

Flash to HTML conversion

We can help you replace Flash with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript so that your institution is geared to a world of mobile devices.

Data visualisation

Getting to grips with data online can be challenging, particularly when dealing with huge volumes of information. Data visualisation is the presentation of data in the form of infographics or animated charts — and we excel in it.


Few projects cannot be improved with top notch images. Next Learning’s capability network gives you access to professional art and corporate photography at highly competitive prices.

3D design & animation

We can assist with motion graphics, 3D animation, 3D compositing, 3D light studies and interactive 3D.


With access to leading computer programmers and software engineers, we offer project management to deliver coding projects in a timely, cost-effective manner.


We can help you find and engage the best staff using first class recruiting and talent sourcing tools — saving you both time and money.

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