Next Appraisals

A strategic approach to technology integration in learning and teaching

We work closely with all stakeholders to identify
the capacity and potential of your learning community.

Next Learning uses a broad palette of digital tools hand picked to achieve specific goals. We consult across a range of sectors from K – Higher Ed, empowering leaders to conceive, plan, develop and implement digital learning approaches tailored to unique educational contexts and philosophies.

Potential unlocked

Next Learning works to invigorate and empower your education team. Our stakeholder mapping process clearly prioritises recommendations for change, builds ownership and enables confident decision making for the future.

Strategic planning

Next Learning provides expert strategy and development advice to school leaders so that digital learning can be taken to the next level. We help build a culture of innovation while also nurturing ICT self sufficiency.

Smart spending

Next Learning knows that ICTs can be expensive and is committed to ensuring that every dollar spent on hardware and software contributes to the core business of clients — learning and teaching.


Next Learning actively listens and collaborates, and is not a top-down training provider. We apply global knowledge to local issues and help deliver ‘technology for learning’ in a sustainable way.


Comprehensive strategic appraisals focussed on the thinking, doing & using of learning technology.

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