Next Learning offers a wide range of consulting services to the education sector, working to transform learning experiences and stakeholder engagement.

We apply the knowledge and skills gained from years of experience and numerous engagements around the globe to develop blueprints for impactful change specific to your operational needs.

Next Learning Capability Network



Co-founder of Next Learning

Shane McGurk


Co-founder of Next Learning

Massimo Galardi

Digital marketing

Leonie McIlvenny

Manager library and innovation

Paul Houghton

Mentor and digital strategist

Ken Spillman

Writer and editor

Kim Maslin


Dr Jim Mullaney

Professional Learning Consultant

Geoff Fisher

Professional photographer

Sophie Zadeh

Body language specialist, coach, trainer and speaker

Dr Peter Carey

Social learning manager

Ruth Charles

Professional learning consultant (QLD state manager)

Toby Smith Tan

3D animation and motion graphics

Josh Hughes

Digital strategy (NT state manager)

Mike Fuller

Lean Sigma Quality Professional, Human-centred Design Thinker

Phillip Judge

OLNA Online

Our passion for what we do transfers into our services

Our client engagement process

Understanding client goals

Understanding is the first phase of the design thinking process with clients. During this phase, our consultant immerse themselves in learning the problem/challenges/needs. They talk with the key stakeholders and conduct research as required. The goal is to develop background knowledge through these experiences. They use their developing understandings as a springboard as they begin to design a response to the challenges.

Some of our digital toolkit

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