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Empowering teachers, transforming classrooms and preparing our future generation

Transforming the way you teach with technology

At Next Learning, we know that navigating the world of technology in education can be challenging. That is why we are here to help.
As experienced educators ourselves, we have walked a mile in your shoes. Therefore, we understand the unique needs of schools and are dedicated to empowering teachers and students alike.
Our Professional Learning services offer practical, hands-on training and coaching to enhance the classroom experience and create an engaging learning environment. Through a nuanced approach, we aim to make technology integration simple and enjoyable for everyone.

Empowering Teachers to feel
confident & comfortable using technology in their classrooms

Practical & Engaging
Hands-On Personalised Training
Collaborative Coaching
Relevant Curriculum Activities
Creative Approach

The NEXT approach to learning

Our Professional Learning services offer practical, hands-on training and coaching to enhance the classroom experience and create an engaging learning environment.

Through a nuanced approach, we aim to make technology integration simple and enjoyable for everyone.

Let us help your school thrive in the digital age, preparing students for a bright future.

Teach your curriculum in a new way with new skills

When it comes to technology, Wi-Fi infrastructure, portable devices, servers and technical support come at a considerable expense. So is your school making the most of your digital assets? It is important to us to ensure that you’re getting the most value out of these investments.

We also know that their potential goes untapped if teachers aren’t confident using these devices. Moreover, as our Australian Curriculum mandates (through the general capabilities statement) the use of technology across all learning areas is required. It is essential that teachers possess the necessary skills to successfully integrate technology into their lessons.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to empower teachers to unlock the full potential of technology in their classrooms.

Together, we’ll ensure that your school’s technological investments lead to a more engaging and practical learning experience for your students while fulfilling curriculum requirements.

Improving the delivery of education together through tailored training


Schools are required to integrate technology into teaching, and our services make it easy to meet this requirement.


Streamlining lessons and engaging students more effectively with the right technology, setting them up for success in the digital age.


As educators, we know what teachers need and how to help them. Our approach is simple, and we’re here to help make lesson delivery a breeze. We also encourage greater collaboration among students.


Leverage emerging innovative tools that captivate students, cater for their learning style, and create exciting dynamic educational moments.


Begin to move away from traditional paper-based methods to save money in printing and improve your carbon footprint, allow quicker distribution of resources.

It’s our mission to equip teachers with the expertise they need to integrate technology into their classrooms seamlessly.

By doing so, we’re enhancing students’ learning experiences and setting them up for success in their future careers. We recognise that simply providing devices and one-time training sessions aren’t enough to create lasting change. As teachers ourselves, we strongly believe in sustainable ongoing coaching.

Empower your teachers with the skills they need

Take the first step towards unlocking the full potential of technology in your classrooms.

How we’ve transformed classrooms


Shared experiences

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The team from Next Learning are highly passionate and experienced educators who understand the dynamic nature of schools. After one term, the results are evident.

Staff have an increased level of confidence in integrating ICT into the classroom. This confidence extends beyond the use of web 2.0 tools and Apps but into into making relevant and significant changes to their teaching styles to reflect contemporary 21st century pedagogical models.

Tom Brajdic
Director of ICT at Iona Presentation College

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In primary and secondary educational settings we generally find it best to work with eight teachers per term. We work with teachers and pupils in classrooms, or shoulder to shoulder with teachers in the staffroom to address points of need and interest.

Getting ICT hardware and software can be expensive, but Next PL knows that the real challenge is making that technology work for you and with you. To achieve this we enter a working partnership with your frontline educators and ensure that pedagogy is the driver. Next PL is in situ professional learning designed to have a lasting impact on student outcomes. We offer a practical and cost effective alternative to external training courses.

The many benefits are spread across all learning areas with low impact on management time and resources. Working on site, Next PL guides educators along new pathways, building classroom application into the PD journey. We deliver training without associated staff absences or interruption to curriculum delivery, eliminating any need for relief teachers. Pedagogical models aligned with ACARA and AITSL standards are utilised, and we ensure that teaching staff are equipped to engage in peer education and sharing.

Our consultants are qualified and experienced educators with a passion for improving learning through the use of technology. We are always pleased to offer references from other clients.

Beyond our collaborative model for the delivery of professional development within learning environments, we offer presentations and workshops for staff, parent workshops and curriculum-related events for discrete learning areas. We are also part of the Apple Consultant Network, qualified to deliver Apple Professional Development (APD) on a vast range of topics connected with learning and technology. Note, however, that we are device agnostic and also work extensively with Google and Microsoft products.

Contact us by phone or email. We will be pleased to meet with management and engage in a needs assessment and scoping discussion with your leadership team.