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Next Professional Learning

Pedagogy driving technology

Students say:

“We love working with Next Learning and Teachers who use the same technology as us. Those lessons are relevant, fun and exciting, and we are always proud of the things we make.”

Teachers say:

“Next Learning begins from my capability point and has propelled my practice forward. From personalised one-one-one to working with me in class, we can choose when, where, and for how long we work. I love sharing our efforts and discoveries.”

Leadership says:

The team from Next Learning are highly passionate and experienced educators who understand the dynamic nature of schools. After one term, the results are evident – we are seeing innovative teaching and learning”

We designed Next PL to work on-site with educators at their point of need.

When it comes to information and communications technology (ICT), people too often focus on the technology itself – not the experiential opportunities it can provide. ICTs have already changed learning and teaching, and the momentum now is greater than ever.
Next PL’s commitment is to make it easy for you to reach out and grasp exciting opportunities.

Custom solutions

Next PL’s services are tailored to fit the particular needs and aspirations of clients. We help you determine the strategies that will deliver optimal outcomes.

True innovation

Next PL’s processes are innovative, generating ideas and ownership by incorporating the insights of participants, supporting collaboration, engaging external partners, and rethinking the use of resources.

Cost effective

Next PL is motivated to make a difference in education, working with leadership and frontline staff over an extended period to deliver budget efficiencies and reduce professional development costs.


Next PL knows that time spent wondering is time ill-spent. We are always happy to explain our operating model and the systems and methods that underpin our successful partnerships with institutions both large and small.


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