Glengarry Primary School

In situ Professional Learning where pedagogy drives technology

NextPL Programme

Provide in-situ Next PL professional learning across the year for teachers modelling with in class demonstrations.

Our Task: Provide Next PL professional learning for Year 4 teachers of Glengarry Primary School for their 1:1 programme throughout the year by training them through in-class demonstrations.


Located in the Duncraig neighbourhood, Glengarry Primary School is a lovely institution. A peaceful natural bushland, flowerbeds, and well-kept grassy play spaces surround the well-maintained structures, which feature mosaics made by the students. The nearly 400 pupils’ physical, social, academic, and emotional growth is improved by the supportive, committed, and experienced staff who collaborate. The literacy assistance programmes, the extension programme, the use of multiple intelligences, thinking skills, and activity-based learning are all used in school programmes to meet the requirements of all students. “We Care” is the school’s motto, and the entire school lives up to it.



Over each term, our knowledgeable consultants improved on-site and online teacher effectiveness and student learning. With modelling and in-class demonstrations, Next Learning has provided professional development to instructors across the Year 4 classes including the provision of curriculum related resources.


Banjima Tom Price
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