Banjima Tom Price

In situ Professional Learning where pedagogy drives technology

NextPL Programme

Provide in-situ Next PL professional learning across the year to employees.

Our Task: Provide Next PL professional learning for employees of The Banjima Native Title Aboriginal Corporation by training them through on-field demonstrations.

The Prescribed Body Corporate that holds Native Title on Trust for the Banjima People is called Banjima Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (BNTAC). The goals of BNTAC include preserving and advancing the Banjima People’s land, customs, folklore, language, and culture, as well as the provision of housing, employment opportunities, and educational opportunities.

· On-Field PL Training
· Team Collaborative Learning
· Instructor-Led Training Method
· e-learning courses
· Virtual simulations
· Roleplaying.
· Films and videos.

Holy Cross College
Glengarry Primary School