Christ Church Grammar School

In situ Professional Learning where pedagogy drives technology

NextPL Programme

Provide in-situ Next PL professional learning across the year for teachers modelling with in class demonstrations.

Our Task: Provide in-situ Next PL professional learning across the year for teachers including modelling with in class team teaching.

For the last 20 years Christ Church Grammar School has been works at the cutting edge of using technology in learning providing students with the opportunity for more personalised learning by having access to technology both at home and at school.

  • Demonstrating pedagogy
  • Video conferencing
  • Each one-teach-one
  • Rapidshare
  • Flipped classroom modelling
  • Team teaching

The IT professional development offered by Next Learning was dynamic and focused on my immediate needs within teaching and learning. I felt extremely privileged to have 5 individual coaching sessions with an IT expert, to use as I desired.

Shane was able to support whatever I chose to work on, with quality resources and inspiring sessions to guide me through their use individually and enabling me to incorporate these new skills into my teaching. He also conducted sessions with the students, teaching alongside me for optimum success. The boys loved Shane’s manner and showed great enthusiasm in the activities he assisted with.

The session in which I shared my progress and new learning with others on staff who undertook this program was beneficial as a two-way exercise, explaining my experience and hearing from others about different ways of implementing their chosen new skills.

I thank Shane for his open and inclusive approach to online learning, with constant updates of new and relevant programs and websites. His program has given me confidence to implement new and forward-thinking ideas which have greatly benefitted the leaning experience of my students.

Mary Hookey
Teacher Librarian, LW Parry Preparatory School, Christ Church Grammar School

As a novice iPad user it was fantastic having someone come into my classroom and model iPad lessons, at the same time prompting and encouraging me to have a go myself. The advice on how best to incorporate iPads in my teaching was invaluable. My confidence has grown and I now use iPads on a regular basis. Thanks to Shane for his enthusiasm and patience, my class loved their lessons with him!

Jenny Joseph, Christ Church Grammar School
Year 2 Teacher

I was a complete novice before Shane McGurk took me under his wing to show me the benefits of using the iPad in my teaching. Now I am using the iPad in maths, science, history and geography. I am looking forward to each boy in my class making a book on his iPad to teach his young ‘buddy’ in Year 1 how to live more sustainably.

Jerome Griffin, Kalgoorlie Cluster
Year 5JG

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