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Strategic planning

Provide strategic support foundation year 7-12 one-to-one learning programme via 0.4 FTE Director of Learning Technology role.

[us_testimonial author=”Sheena Barber” company=”Principal, Mercedes College ” img=””]Mercedes College engaged Paul as our Director of Learning Technology as part of our “Anywhere, Anytime Learning Initiative”. His experience brings deep insights about how change via the use of 21st century tools will take the learning community to new heights of motivation and performance. Strategically, Paul quickly identified infrastructure efficiencies such as an economical way to increase our internet capacity ten-fold, an app to utilise our server infrastructure bridging access at school and home, and a simple learning management system that has been used for communication efficiencies we had never expected. As a Principal, to be an effective leader, I believe I need to actively participate as a learner in helping the organisation improve. I have taken the time to be a participant in the professional learning Paul has provided, to experience what the teachers are experiencing and to see how they are discussing their teaching with technology. All staff are participating in Action Learning to support the pedagogies required to drive the technology we have provided them. Paul brings core elements and themes to his work with staff, such as impressive empathy, political savvy, purposeful action, pressure and positive support, deliberative practice in class, and sustainable change – I’m certain these approaches will serve teachers well. Paul also set up an academic extension programme for students called IT Angels and every homeroom has a member and deputy. These students have been invaluable in supporting staff and colleagues. Having seen this approach first hand, I can recommend leaders of learning communities in the process of managing change invest in Next Learning.[/us_testimonial]
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