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NextPL Programme

Provide in-situ Next PL professional learning across the year for teachers modelling with in class demonstrations.

[us_testimonial author=”Garry Walker” company=”Deputy Principal, Kambalda Priamry School”]Next Learning have implemented sustainable change across our school. From an iPad timetable where there were many sessions where they were not booked out to teachers negotiating the bookings for almost 100% use. Next Learning’s Professional Learning sessions from modelling iPad use in classes to working with our teacher leaders has everyone more confident and using this technology with a focus on learning.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”Tamara Gulley” company=”Year 2 Teacher, South Kalgoorlie Primary School”]Working with Shane has been an awesome eye opening experience not only for myself in teaching and exposing my students to varied apps and ideas, but also how to keep and share students work and get the most from our iPads. The students have been amazed with my continued improvements and ideas whilst showing them things on our interactive whiteboards after talking with Shane how to connect the ipad. 2 purchases later and I am now considering purchasing my own ipad for more storage. Thank you your knowledge and sharing has been fantastic.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”Jerome Griffin” company=”Year 5JG”]I was a complete novice before Shane McGurk took me under his wing to show me the benefits of using the iPad in my teaching. Now I am using the iPad in maths, science, history and geography. I am looking forward to each boy in my class making a book on his iPad to teach his young ‘buddy’ in Year 1 how to live more sustainably.
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