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Paul has accumulated vast experience in a broad range of local and international educational contexts. His education background and experience with three IT companies have enabled him to deliver Strategic ICT Reviews for numerous schools and develop relationships of trust with schools and universities around Australia. Over the past 6 years, Paul has worked with teachers and leadership in over 70% of the top ATAR rated schools. He brings a cross-sector understanding of opportunities and constraints in Australian education to the design and implementation of strategies that achieve optimal results in the integration of ICT into teaching and learning.

Most recently he has worked as a Deputy Principal in a primary school assisting with launching a 1:1 technology project and continues to work as consultant on a variety of education related projects in schools and with clients such as UWA Pharmacology, CEOWA and PLD Literacy. Paul has a deep respect for the teaching profession, understanding the challenges but driven by how rewarding it is in return. Interested in research in the area, he has contributed to documents for MCEETYA, presented at numerous conferences and taken part in panel discussions on BYOD and learning space design. His mantra is that technology should never get in the way of authentic learning, and he has a particular interest in strategies to minimise student distraction, instead using technology to help focus thinking.  He also sees parental involvement in a child’s use of technology as a key pillar. Before his time in the IT industry he taught for 6 years and based on his teaching with indigenous students and PL for teachers in the Pilbara using 3D animation, blogs, podcasts and wikis, he was seconded to run a project supporting 150 teachers for the Department of Education.  This role applied sound pedagogical practices that underpin the effective use of tools when developing technology rich learning programmes. His experience also includes teaching C.A.L.L. Japanese high school, directing an international short film festival and working with unemployed youth in the British Employment Service.

  • Learning Technology Appraisals
  • Professional Learning Strategy
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  • Community Engagement
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