Sophie Zadeh

Body Language Specialist, Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Body Language Specialist, Sophie Zadeh, is passionate about improving the way people interact and communicate nonverbally. Driven by a desire to help people, Sophie teaches science based knowledge, providing her clients with an understanding of important nonverbal cues and a skill set of practical tools. This skill set not only gives them control over how they are perceived, elevating their influence, charisma and overall kerb appeal, but also gives them control over how they feel. As research is increasingly providing evidence that what we do with our body and voice has an impact on how we feel emotionally. Knowledge of nonverbal communication cues also provides her clients with a better understanding of the true feelings of others, improving empathy, emotional intelligence and enabling them to deliver a more appropriate response.
Since nonverbal communication forms the majority of our communication, Sophie firmly believes that elements of it should be taught from an early age. She believes that if she was aware of some simple actions as a child, her experiences at school would have been very different. Working with school leaders and teachers on their own body language for purposes of self development, and raising awareness of its impact, are the first steps in Sophie’s mission to filter this information through to students.
Sophie is also interested in the physiological differences between the sexes and how these alter how we communicate nonverbally, in relation to how certain cues are perceived. For example, vocal tone and height create specific perceptions that are linked to power and authority. Sophie believes that if we have an awareness of this, we can teach women and children ways to compensate nonverbally, to create stronger feelings of power within themselves and a solid perception of strength to those around them. As a consequence, Sophie is particularly passionate about conveying knowledge of the subject to empower women and children, especially those that are the most vulnerable.


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