Free Term 2 workshops: Engaging Young Learners with iPad
iPad can be used to create interactive and engaging learning experiences that enhance all aspects of learning for young children. Join us to learn how educators use the built-in features of iPad and education apps to increase students access to language, provide interactive reading experiences, reinforce new learning concepts and allow students in years K-2 to share knowledge. Discover how iPad and free resources from Apple Teacher can empower your learners and elevate teaching in early years programs.

Term 2 North Metro

West Leederville Primary School:  Apple Early Years Workshop,
Tuesday 29 May, Week 5: 3:45-6:00pm
St. Peter’s Primary School: Apple Early Years Workshop,
Monday, 18 June, Week 8: 3:45-6:00pm

Term 2 South Metro

Ursula Frayne Primary School: Apple Early Years Workshop,
Friday 1 June, Week 5: 1:00-3:15pm
Mandurah Baptist College: Apple Early Years Workshop,
Wednesday 30 May, Week 5: 3:45-6:00pm