The digital lives of young people in Australia

The internet is an integral part of the digital lives of young people in Australia, with most going online regularly to learn, keep in touch with friends and have fun. In our online safety workshops we often reflect with parents their children were born into an already web-connected world, many teens have been using the internet for the majority of their lives and fear not having access to the digital environment.

Aussie teens and kids online from eSafety Office on Vimeo.

This research snapshot provides an update to Aussie teens online, released by the ACMA in July 2014, and highlights how young people are now engaging online, the devices they use and the services and activities that draw them online.

Figure 3: Accessing the internet outside the home (%)

2015 - Educational institution 64%, Friend's place 57%, Library 26%, Workplace 20%, Wireless hotspots 36%. 2011 - Educational institution 59%, Friend's place 42%, Library 28%, Workplace 20%, Wireless hotspots 17%

Base: Australians aged 14-17 who accessed the internet in the last three months.
Source: Roy Morgan Single Source.

Understanding the levels of online engagement by young people is the first step in exploring related issues such as the classroom experience, homework online, trust and online safety, themes that will be developed in future research.


This updated snapshot is produced jointly by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) and the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner.


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