Paul Houghton

Digital Strategist

After running the applied research group KT Studio for 10 years in the WA government, Paul has undertaken a range of projects to extend that work across a number of industries and at the heart of those projects was both learning and storytelling. At a strategic level projects in the UAE, with the WA government in regional development and in community development – the role of stories became a key factor with the use of technology an enabler. This then became a key factor in developing a number of ebooks e.g. archeology with UWA, aboriginal health with ECU and in all cases the media was shot by Paul as well.
Building on this experience led to professional learning workshops with PEAC teachers and other projects to help teachers share knowledge and learn from each other in innovative ways. Design Thinking forms a major thread in this work and underpins work with schools, universities and other organisations as a context for technology is developed with clients.

Paul Houghton’s professional network