Mike Fuller

Lean Sigma Quality Professional
Human-centred Design Thinker

Mike Fuller has over 20 years of experience across a broad range of industries, working to identify and solve problems through collaborative evaluation programs, research projects, LeanSigma improvement workshops, and strategic innovation initiatives. In 2016, he started an innovation and improvement consultancy partnering with passionate startups, community groups, charities and forward-thinking businesses to help them quickly understand, co-design, test and build solutions to the problems they know best — their own.
Now in partnership with Next Learning, Mike draws on his full breadth of experience to co-design hackathon and improvement workshops, projects and plans that match the needs, passions and lived experience of those he partners with. His commitment is to providing you with simple yet powerful innovation tools, techniques and tips, helping your community and clientele lock-in positive change on improvement journeys that are perpetually moving towards ‘better’.

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